The Kennedys

The Kennedys

Greg Kinnear

Why have the broadcast companies in the States got it in for the miniseries about the Kennedys? I saw the first 2 episodes and was really grasped. Greg Kinnear was over-ish in his face acting but very truthful for someone in almost continual physical pain from a back injury. I was scared by Tom Wilkinson as Joseph Kennedy and I thought that Katie Holmes was a convincing young Jackie Kennedy in everything but deportment and voice. Jackie Kennedy was the product of a public school that produced girls with ramrod straight backs and crystal clear diction. In the sitting and speaking stakes, Rose Kennedy won hands down.

I’ve been told that people in the States are not keen on Katie Holmes because they feel she’s getting the parts through being married to Tom Cruz and not on merit. Wow! Imagine the pressure of having to justify yourself every time you go on camera at her age.

I’ve read that the History Channel dropped the miniseries because of pressure from the remaining members of the Kennedy family. Surely they can’t believe that the series will discredit the Kennedy family? Is there anything imagined or known about the Kennedys that hasn’t already been aired.

I think it’s great that we can watch it on BBC2 along with everyone in Ireland where John Kennedy remains a legend and even the most devout excuse his marital infidelities as minor mishaps.