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You can download the whole course or individual tracks together with the corresponding pages of the booklet. “This course is very enjoyable.  It’s given me an insight into phonetic symbols as well as the sounds of English words.  The more I practice, the easier it becomes and sooooo relaxing.”  First language EDO

The downloads are divided into ‘sound’ sections which are predominantly vowels or consonants. Lip vowels and tongue vowels refer to how the vowels are made and diphthongs and triphthongs refer to how they’re put together – these are on section 1.

Front of mouth, middle of mouth and back of mouth consonants refer to the areas of the mouth involved in producing the sounds – these are on section 2.

Once you know all the sounds, you can practice them with the texts and sentences – these are on section 3.

You can record the “Arthur the Rat” text once you’ve practised it and send it back to us for analysis. This way we can help you target the sounds you need to practice the most.

There are photos of the various positions of the mouth that are required to make the essential vowel sounds and exercises on audio to help you relax your face and mouth.
Each download includes a voice and articulation warm-up. These are essential for you to relax, use the breath to feed your voice and allow the muscles of your tongue and mouth to take up different positions

Sample Audio Download Files

Section 1

Tracks 1 to 5 are an introduction to voice and speech with warm-ups and identifying the different parts of the mouth.  The rest of  section 1 covers vowel sounds.

Section 2

Consonant sounds

Section 3

Practice material

Please note that for most of the downloads, the accompanying leaflet requires Adobe Acrobat PDF reader

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