How Your Voice is Affected Through Wearing a Face Mask

How Your Voice is Affected Through Wearing a Face Mask

Wearing a mouth mask is now mandatory on public transport in the UK.  I started wearing a face mask in March when it became clear that coronavirus cases were less in countries where they were recommended.   On the plus side, it lessens the risk of passing on coronavirus if you are asymptomatic on the minus side it can leave you feeling smothered, with a dry throat and sometimes a sore throat, all of which affect your voice.

Humidity inside the mask can potentially allow bacteria to grow so take the opportunity to move your mask and breathe freely whenever there is a safe option.  Keep your face mask clean and have more than one – soap and water is the best way to sanitize a face mask.  Avoid using Chloride or anti-bacterial spray on your mask. 

Give yourself and others a treat by making room therapy essential oil mixes that will clear your airwaves and ease dry and sore throats and help your voice:

Water bowl method:  Put boiling water in a bowl and add 3 drops of  grapefruit, lavender and bergamot pure essential oils.  Close doors and windows and allow 5 minutes for the aroma to permeate the room.
Room-spray method:  In a new plant-sprayer put 300 ml of warm water and add 2 drops of grapefruit, lavender and bergamot pure essential oil.  Shake before spraying.  As with any room spray – avoid spraying on polished wood.

You can make a soothing gargle by mixing 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar with 3 drops of ginger and 5 drops of lemon pure essential oil and adding one teaspoon of the mixture to a glass of warm water.

Special thanks to Valerie Ann Worwood
                             Dr Meza