Some Recent History from Davos – Daily Telegraph

Some Recent History from Davos – Daily Telegraph

2011: The Forum started a global network of people between the ages of 20 and 30 who have shown great potential for future leadership roles in society. The Community of Global Shapers is a network of self-organizing local hubs based in each major city around the world. They undertake events and activities intended by the Shapers to generate a positive impact within their local community.

2012: Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fun warned that inappropriate spending cuts could “strangle” growth prospects. Austerity programmes must be tailored to each economy, she said, and not be “across the board”.

2013: This was another year when the Fund was at the heart of the action. The IMF’s chief economist used the Forum to tell George Osborne his austerity plans were “playing with fire”. The Chancellor hit back days later, rejecting the need for a “Plan B” and vowing to continue with his deficit reduction plan.

2014: The theme for last year’s WEF was all about the fragile global recovery finally gaining momentum. ECB president Mario Draghi hailed a ‘dramatic’ improvement in the eurozone, while Mark Carney insisted there was no immediate need for a rate rise un the UK. The Federal Reserve meanwhile was warned about the effects any premature tapering could have on the world economy by the IMF.

Bono also made an appearance.