Richard Bandler on The Jeremy Vine Show

Richard Bandler on The Jeremy Vine Show

Scot Mills likened Jeremy Vine’s show to Jeremy Kyle’s show only “more highbrow”.  I wonder what Jeremy Vine would think of that?  He certainly has the same upward intonation as Jeremy Kyle and the same slightly pushed, high register.  The interviewee is put in the position of feeling that they’re aren’t believed, that they haven’t said what is required of them and they become uncomfortable or reckless in what they’re saying in an effort to appease or please.  It’s an excellent interviewing technique if you have an audience of people who enjoy a bit of schadenfreude

On the Scot Mills show today there was a competition to guess how many times an angry Welsh lady, Maureen Boyardy (a character who could have come from Under Milk Wood)  said “Mr Davies” to the MP for Monmouth, on the Jeremy Vine show, when it was broadcast from Wales.  It was thirteen and you can listen to the clucking on this link.

I heard Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) interviewed by Jeremy Vine.  I’ve always been a fan of Richard Bandler, not least because he once said “everyone should have a voice coach” –  a great boost to my career back in 2000.  I especially liked a particular workshop he gave about drugs and how the human brain can “simulate” the effects of drugs without having to take them.  NLP has a substantial following and I’ve noticed this growing among school teachers.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could get this particular message across to pupils?

Richard Bandler was as usual, on good voice, but even he became slightly wobbly under the onslaught of the confusing word/sound signals of Jeremy Vine.  He got back into his stride when he was talking about his 7 day NLP Practitioner Certificate course.  Richard Bandler and John Grinder have helped so many people gain autonomy over their minds and lives.  Their overwhelming popularity of course has lead to many detractors.  I’m sure that Richard Bandler has constructive discussions with neuroscientists.  However in this instance he wasn’t given the opportunity.  The scientist who was on air after Richard Bandler had left the studio, discredited NLP and  everything Richard Bandler had said.  No right to reply here then – out of time?  You can hear the interview with Richard Bandler on this link:

Richard Bandler

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