Public Speaking – 2 Valuable Tips

Public Speaking – 2 Valuable Tips

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Gave an Improve Your Voice by 90% workshop today, which is always a good experience.  There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing people’s voices blossom.   This workshop is based on Grotowski’s research into the voice.  I studied at the Grotowski Centre in Italy for which I received an award.   Today we had an observer, who is a theatre director.  They asked and I agreed, if they could use a couple of things that came up during the workshop.  These points are helpful to people in business as much as they are to people in the acting profession:

Your Voice is a Beam of Sound

The voice is made up of particles as is light.  If you beam it in the direction you want it to go then it will get there.  Before you begin a talk, lecture or speech, choose the first place/person that you are going to direct your voice to.  Avoid changing the direction of your vocal beam mid-flow, give your vocal attention to individuals/individual places, changing direction in a deliberate and inclusive way along with your words.

Allow People to Listen to You in Comfort

Avoid staring directly into a person’s eyes when you speak in public.  Address people individually using your voice as a beam of sound but avoid the fixed eye contact.  Anyone who’s been called into a Head’s study will remember that there are few things more disconcerting than being transfixed by the stare of a speaker as they talk to you eyeball to eyeball.   If you’re speaking in public, this can give you the “frozen face” syndrome.  Instead, look into the eyebrows of the person you’re directing your voice to, or take in the outline of their face.  Try looking into someone’s eyebrows and you’ll find that they feel that they are having eye contact with you anyway.

Improve Your Voice by 90% – Next course is on October 5th.  See Courses for more details.
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