Negotiating Tactics for Powerful Women

Negotiating Tactics for Powerful Women

Every successful woman started off having to learn how to negotiate.  The vice-president of an international credit card company told me how she once felt that  white water rafting without an oar would have been a preferable experience.  Negotiation is an essential skill and you will need to know how to do it if you want that promotion.

Here are 11 Points that have Helped  Women in Power Negotiate more Successfully

(Do the check list before speaking – for those who’ve worked with me on the Improve Your Voice by 90% course)

1.  Ask for what you want

2. Separate the person from the issues you’re negotiating.   Keep it clear cut.

3.  Use “what if” statements and see how they react.

4.  Make sure that you aren’t giving way too many small concessions.

5.  Never accept the first offer.  This is the first on their list.  Find out what’s on the bottom and top line

6.  When you have agreed a point write it down.  At the end of the meeting ask the other person to sign the list of points you’ve agreed upon.

7.  Under pressure to make a decision you don’t like? – say that you have to refer to “your team”.  Make sure it’s a group.

8.  Being pushed too hard? – avoid reacting, aim to stay silent for a short time before replying in a lower voice (lumbar region for those who’ve worked with me on the Improve Your Voice course).

9.  Make any concession conditional on receiving a concession from the other side.

10.  Never concede to blackmail or bullying – whatever you want, it’s not worth giving in to this behaviour.

11.  Avoid splitting the difference.  In financial terms this can be a ruse unless you’ve already received concessions.

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Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo Inc.
Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo Inc.

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