I’ll Start Speaking When We’re Comfortable

I’ll Start Speaking When We’re Comfortable

The impact we make as speakers is dependent on how comfortable we are about speaking and how comfortable we are with what we’re speaking about.  When we don’t know our subject it shows, when we haven’t worked out how we’re going to “work” our audience it shows, when we’re unsure about our voice and diction – it shows.  How it shows is in our face, our hands our body and our voice and speech and it makes our audience feel uncomfortable.

It’s not a discovery of the past 30 years – Cicero suggested that the passion of the soul expressed itself in the body’s actions when we’re speaking.  Francis Bacon who wrote the Advancement of Learning in 1605 saw body language as instrumental as it wasn’t dependent on the language of the country you came from.  He said that listening and looking were equally important in understanding conversation.  In the end the maxim of parents, “just be yourself”, is the one that works.  Unless you’re a spy or lying…..
Why not come and try out what it feels like to be totally at ease when you’re speaking in public?  Free Public Speaking Workshop

Drinks and refreshments available – kick start the season with style and a lot of fun

With Power comes responsibility

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People assess you on the first minute of your introduction – make the most of it.

With your themed music as an intro – you can try out the first couple of minutes of your speech or presentation.  If you don’t have anything prepared and want to talk, we’ll feed you a few lines on autocue

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Frances Parkes
Frances Parkes