Fern Bitton’s Interviewing & Presenting

Fern Bitton’s Interviewing & Presenting

Fern Britton

Sad to hear that Fern may have her afternoon television show axed. Her interviewing and presenting skills are really good – better than the other contenders for this spot: Peter Andre, etc.

When you watch and listen to a Fern interview, you know that she’s interested in the person or people she’s interviewing, beyond the notes that have been handed to her by her researchers.

The long term Woman’s Hour presenter on radio 4, Jenny Murray, has the same talent. Although we can’t see her we can hear the real “wanting to know” interest in her voice when she’s interviewing people.

Scott James on Radio 1 has the same skill, as does Dermot o’Leary. Lorraine Kelly on morning TV has it in abundance. This ability to listen with care and gently probe the interviewer without unnerving them is a wonderful gift and makes for really good viewing and listening.

It’s the production team and the programme format that has let Fern down. They’re, out of touch with what viewers want. Who would want to tweet a programme with an action for someone who just happens to be in in Oxford? No wonder Fern’s looking and sounding uncomfortable.

Source: The Guardian