Cheryl Cole’s Accent

Cheryl Cole’s Accent

Cheryl Cole

So Cheryl Cole’s been axed from the American X Factor on the grounds that her accent is unintelligible to an American audience. American audiences are notorious for not understanding regional English accents, that much is true. I’ve been instructed by producers of films for the American market, to soften regional accents and make sure that the actors’ regional accents aren’t too strong. Trainspotting had subtitles when it was screened in the USA.

I can accept that a judge on a TV show needs to be easily heard and understood both by the contestants and audiences. However, it doesn’t ring true that Cheryl would be sacked because of not being understood. What was stopping Fox from hiring a discreet voice coach with integrity for Cheryl? Just to make sure that she’s clearly understood?

If it’s alright for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to have a voice coach, it’s surely alright for our Cheryl. The Geordie accent is particularly attractive and very much part of her personality and branding. This is show business after all. No, there is more to this than is apparent. Anyone who’s seen recent photos of Cheryl with Simon Callow will have seen the body language of estrangement.

Cheryl should take a leaf out of J-Lo’s book. Can you imagine anyone treating J-Lo badly and getting away with it? I think not.