AI Speech Software

AI Speech Software

I understand that AI speech software is an excellent tool for anyone wanting to create professional-sounding voiceovers. I wonder about the website voice of Joey on Speechelo, which claims to be an AI generated voice.  You can hear the AI sound towards the end of the website voice-over but the beginning it sounds more like a technically tweaked human voice, especially when he talks of neuro-linguistic programming.  I am in the minority here, as according to Speechelo 98% of people can’t tell that their voices aren’t human.

The A1 generated product Speechelo boasts over 30 voices.  The text into voice tool includes an impressive 43 languages.  There are other AI generated voice companies such as Speechify and Murf. Ai.

An interesting by product of the AI voice industry is that quite a lot of distinctive human voices in the voiceover acting business have started to take on a prescribed speech pattern.

I understand it and it doesn’t over concern me.  As the world becomes smaller in terms of access to a massive global audience, then voices speaking English need to be of a ‘manufactured’ quality in order to be easily understood and in order that the words and message are perceived to be without bias.
Have I wandered unwittingly into an Orwellian world somewhere that:
‘the role of truth and facts within societies have ways in which they can be manipulated.’
I have grown to like the voice on my SatNav, especially on long journeys but it took a while to find this particular SatNav app.   It may not be human but it works and doesn’t lose its temper.

Human voices only