Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction

Our client Liliana, who has an excellent English accent, said that when they first arrived in England from Poland over 8 years ago, they didn’t go to an English language school to learn English, but instead opted to learn English by taking exams. They took degrees in business and law.  Although their knowledge of English was reasonable because of their education in Poland – they had a degree in engineering – it was still very tough, as you would imagine……  At first they’d read a whole page of a text book to get the general meaning, then they’d go through the page word by word looking up every word they didn’t know.  Finally they would read the page for the detailed sense.  This dedication has to be admired.  When they first came to us at Max Your Voice,  their Polish accent was strong, but they applied the same dedication to the spoken English word as they had to the written English word.  With the added help and support of their partner, who was born in London and other friends with contemporary English accents, she succeeded.  You can’t detect any accent in her spoken English.

Some people get along really well without needing to get rid of their strong native accent.  It’s only  when their children reach school age and they want to have conversations in English with them, that they start to want to perfect an English accent.

Others want to fast track their careers.  It could be that they’re in business supplying services to people from their mother country.  They need only their mother tongue when they’re talking with their clients, but when they have to talk in English in front of their clients, then they need to express themselves clearly and efficiently in English.

There are Max Your Voice clients and course participants, who need to talk with brevity and clarity because of the extreme need to be accurate and fast with their information.  These clients tend to be in the area of banking and finance.  Most of our clients in this arena learn English pronunciation and then continue with us on to more specialised training such as our Presentation and Communication in Management courses.

Whatever reasons bring clients to us for accent reduction/clarity of spoken English training –  we respect their needs and work with them to achieve their goals.  For some it can be more challenging, but in the end they seem to be the ones who achieve the most.   Once the initial phase of relaxation and lip, tongue, jaw and teeth coordination is achieved – it’s a matter of targeting and fixing spoken cues until the new rhythms and sounds take root. With the help of our Speak English Clearly downloads and CDs and our free Skype sessions – there’s nothing to stop you from achieving a really clear standard contemporary English accent.

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