A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting

A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting

Daniel Dresner’s a life coach, an actor and a tutor and he puts the cream of what he’s learned from all three of these professions into his book:  A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting.
It’s a good example of the exhilaration of playing like a child, while being aware of the sense of order and discipline of an adult.

For me, the later chapters on practical things are most useful, like line learning “do not colour the text…..learn your lines like data in a monotone robotic voice with either no inflections or a variance every time you repeat them…..if you believe in what you’re saying there’s no wrong way to say them.”

His approach as a life-coach is extremely useful for actors.  There is a chapter on Saboteurs and Limiting beliefs, which seems to have been influenced by NLP training.  His breadth of knowledge is wide and more enjoyable for the bon mots from Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner:  “The text is like a canoe, and the river on which it sits is the emotion.”

Daniel’s  a successful acting coach and having seen him in action I feel admiration for the tenacity he has in helping actors achieve their goals.   A Life-Coaching Approach to Screen Acting, will be a book to keep for reference throughout your career.

Daniel Dresner